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A Personal Interest Project is an opportunity for you to explore your interests and learn something new. You will choose a topic and decide how you are going to demonstrate your learning by moving through a series of activities. Your final project can take on a wide range of formats and there is no limit to what you can do!


In the first phase, you will explore your interests and brainstorm ideas for your project. At the end of this phase you will narrow down to one project choice and write a formal proposal with a topic and final product in mind.


During this next phase, you are doing your project. You may be working independently to learn new information and apply it to your project. At this point you may decide to get some expert advice. Throughout this phase you will document your process in a Blog with pictures, videos and text.


In the final phase you will present your project to an audience. You’ll complete your Launchpad profile by adding a logo, trailer video and project overview information. You will record a live pitch and write a final reflection of what you learned and how you can apply your new skills and knowledge to your future.